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Project 80s - The #1 source for information on the decade of the 80's.

The Eighties Club - Politics and Pop Culture in the 1980s

Pure 80s Pop! -Dedicated to UK 80s pop music, featuring lyric quizzes,sound files,top 10s,trivia,links to bands and artists of the 80s,and much more...

Are YOU a child of the '80s?

80s Music Stop

80s Server's "Rewind" - How much time do you need to identify a Culture Club, Falco, or Men at Work tune? Play our "Name That Tune" game and find out!

And We Danced...the 80s - month-by-month evolving history of dance music in the 80s.

Manic Medley - ten songs running together. Can you identify our manic medley of 80s tunes? 

Ultimate '80s Songs - over 400 popular 1980's songs, most linked to online lyrics.

Worst Songs of the 80's


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